Yoga & Hot Springs @ Avalanche Ranch, CO

If there is something I love more than surfing, snowboarding, the ocean, and exploring Mother Nature, it would be soaking in hot springs. And if you know me well, you would have heard of my habit to stop at every hot spring that I encounter on my way. So when I found out my favorite local yoga instructor Lucy is leading an evening class at Avalanche Ranch Hot Springs, I called a week in advance to reserve a spot! #priorities 🛀🕉

PC: IG @avalancheranch

Lucy rocks! I met Lucy on a Monday night at Kula Yoga on Main in Carbondale, CO only to find out her Monday night class includes aromatherapy infused body butters and her Friday night class is Vinyasa and Vino. The real treat though is her Wednesday night class at Avalanche Ranch Hot Springs, followed by 2 hrs of soaking in the private hot springs pools! #spoiled #relax #yogaoutdoors

The mountain views from the hot springs are spectacular and pictures don’t do them justice!

Avalanche Ranch is a family-owned, private cabins and hot springs resort in Redstone, CO hidden on a side road 10 miles away from Hwy 82. The hot springs are open at night only for overnight guests, however if you are free during the day, you can call well in advance and reserve a spot for a soak. The spots are limited and the owners like to keep it quiet and secluded so their guests can disconnect from the world, relax, and renew. The resort has a working ranch, various sizes log cabins, wagons, a wooded hiking trail that is very pretty with incredible views, and four secluded hot springs pools. Did I say disconnect? No WiFi and no phone reception on the premises, however there is electricity, heat, and hot water in the cabins, as well as private bathrooms, and there is ONE land line on the property in case of emergency. #welikeitwildincolorado

I found the adorable wagons, each with its own name, theme, and cute decoration inside, most fascinating. Although I wouldn’t fit in them (#giraffeproblems #legstoolong), I’d love to rent one of them overnight, indulge in reading, drawing, and soaking and forget the world exists!

PC: IG @avalancheranch

The 4 hot springs pools vary in size and temperature and feature mineral water, pebbled bottoms, waterfalls and natural rock formations. As you’d expect, water flows from top to bottom and the highest pool is the hottest and also the closest to the spring itself. As it flows down from pool to pool under bridges and in creeks, the water cools down and the biggest pool on the bottom is also the deepest and good for swimming (read: cooler).

PC: IG @avalancheranch

When you call to book your spot, Avalanche Ranch will give you detailed instructions what to bring and how to find them. In addition to yoga mat and any props, bikini and towel, Avalanche Ranch recommends you bring snacks and beverages as there is no food or drinks on the premises and you may get hungry/thirsty after stretching and soaking. Don’t wait till the last moment or there won’t be any spots left in the yoga class. Call no later than Monday to reserve a spot for Wednesday class. And happy soaking!

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